Exit Stage Left

5 years is a long time to write a monthly blog while never missing a deadline (self-imposed, of course).  Nevertheless, I’m done for now.

My favorite blogatorials (47 of 60) are now compiled into book form, humbly titled: THE BEST BREAST BLOGATORIALS (though some essays are not about breast cancer).

Link to Purchase e-book or softcover through Amazon Bookbaby:

I’m redirecting my writing to fiction.  It’s been almost 20 years since my novel Flatbellies was published, and I’m not sure I can equal that surprising success.  Still going to try, however.  Teaser for my work-in-progress, titled Nutshell — the setting is a medical school located next door to a mental institution, the story beginning in the 1930s

Alan B. Hollingsworth, MD

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