Alan B. Hollingsworth, MD

Current Position: 

Scientific Advisory Board & Director of Screening Programs — Aurora Healthcare US Corp (manufacturer of the only breast-dedicated MRI)

Recent Professional Activities:

Medical Director, Mercy Breast Center (Mercy Hospital – OKC; 1999-2020)

Director, Risk Assessment & Genetic Testing Program (Mercy Hospital – OKC; 1999-2020)

Director, Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Pre-treatment Conference (Mercy Hospital – OKC; 1999-2020)

Editor/Lead Author – National Working Group on Breast Cancer Risk Assessment, commissioned by Susan G. Komen Foundation (2003-4), chaired by Victor G. Vogel

Editorial Board, The Breast Journal (Editor-in-Chief, Shahla Masood, MD, University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville)

Frequent Guest Editor – Breast Diseases: A Year Book™ Quarterly, (Editor-in-Chief, Thomas A. Buchholz, MD, M D Anderson Cancer Center)

Co-Director (with Tari King, MD & Kirby Bland, MD), High-Risk/Genetics/Molecular Diagnostics Course, in concert with American Society of Breast Surgeons (2013)

Screening Guidelines Committee, American Society of Breast Surgeons (2014) and (2019)

Awards & Honors:

Phi Beta Kappa

Letseizer Award, Top Ten Senior Men, University of Oklahoma, 1971

1st Vice-president, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, 1974

MD with Distinction, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, 1975

Aesculapian Award Nominee, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, outstanding teacher selected solely by medical student body – finalist in the Housestaff category, 1976 & 1980; finalist in the Faculty category 1991, 1997 & 1998.

Aesculapian Award Winner, 1992 – the only surgery faculty member to win the award in the department’s history from 1976 to present.

Finalist, Stanton L. Young Master Teacher Award, OU College of Medicine (1998)

Top Doctors in U.S. – Castle Connolly Medical Ltd.

America’s Top Doctors for Cancer – U.S. News & World Report — 2014 and 2015

America’s Top Doctors in Oncology — Newsweek — 2015

Best Doctors, International

Super Doctors


University of Oklahoma College of Medicine (1971-75)

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center – General and Vascular Surgery (1976-1980)

U.C.L.A. – Fellowship in Surgical Pathology (1977-78)


Selected Organizations:

Fellow, American College of Surgeons

American Society of Breast Disease/NCBC

American Society of Breast Surgeons

The Authors Guild


Flatbellieshardcover, 344 pages, Sleeping Bear Press, Chelsea, MI (March 2001); softcover, W.W. Norton & Company, New York/London (April 2003)

University Boulevard – hardcover, 389 pages, Clock Tower Press, Ann Arbor, MI (March 2004); softcover, W.W. Norton & Company, New York/London (October 2004)


Killing Albert Berch — softcover, 302 pages, Pelican Publishing Co., Gretna, Louisiana (2017)


Hollingsworth A B (sole author): The Truth About Breast Cancer Risk Assessment. National Writers Press, Aurora, CO; hardcover; 110 pages; September 2000.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment (chapter 1). In: Breast Cancer: A New Era in Management. D.S. Francescatti and M.J. Silverstein (eds.) Copyright 2014, Springer Publishing Company, New York, NY.

Hollingsworth A B (sole author): Mammography and Early Breast Cancer Detection: How Screening Saves Lives.  McFarland Publishing, Inc., Jefferson, NC; softcover, 260 pages, August 2016

Hollingsworth A B (sole author): The Best of the Breast Blogatorials. Amazon Bookbaby, softcover, 280 pages, 2020



Clinical applications of Breast MRI (with Rebecca G. Stough, MD)

Computer analysis of “normal” mammograms with NCI Grant Funding (R01 CA197150) in collaboration with CoPIs Bin Zheng, PhD and Hong Liu, PhD, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Oklahoma College of Engineering — Project period 7/7/15 to 6/30/2020 @ $2.5 million for “Increasing Cancer Detection Yield Using Breast MRI Screening Modality”

Development of a Screening Blood Test for the Early Detection of Breast Cancer (multiple international collaborators over the course of 20 years, distributing more than 10,000 blood samples with accompanying data – most recent collaboration with Syantra, Inc, Calgary, Alberta Canada, with clinical trials underway).

“Firsts” as Associate Professor of Surgery & Adjunct Associate Professor of Pathology, University of Oklahoma College of Medicine:

First surgeon in Oklahoma to limit practice entirely to breast cancer (1989)

First to organize a multidisciplinary breast cancer conference in Oklahoma (1989)

Founding Medical Director, University of Oklahoma Institute for Breast Health (1993)

First Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Program in Oklahoma (3rd in the U.S.) – (1993)

First site in Oklahoma City (one of 2 sites in OK) to introduce BRCA Genetic Testing (1996)

First Holder of the G. Rainey Williams Chair in Surgical Breast Oncology, Univ. of OK (1998)

Firsts at Mercy Women’s Center:

First lay text on the subject of breast cancer risk assessment (2000)

First digital mammograms in Oklahoma (2000) and first site to routinely perform breast MRI in Oklahoma (2002) – Mercy Women’s Center, Co-Director, Rebecca G. Stough, MD

First site to introduce SpiralRODEO™ MRI (2006) and EDGE™ (2010) upgrades as a beta test site for Aurora Imaging Technology, Inc.

First non-radiologist to present data in a national forum supporting breast MRI screening – the general assembly of the American Society of Breast Disease (2006).  Dr. Hollingsworth’s presentation occurred one year prior to American Cancer Society guidelines for MRI.

First in Oklahoma City to introduce low dose 3-D tomosynthesis mammography (March 2015) led by breast radiologists, Rebecca G. Stough and Melanie Pearce.