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Drawn from the author’s web site where he posts a monthly blogatorial, this breast cancer expert tackles the major controversies in multiple specialties that deal with prevention and early detection of breast cancer. Exposing inconsistencies and illogical conclusions as a function of human bias is a common thread in the essays, stoking the fires of controversy in radiology, screening epidemiology, research breast imaging, pathology, surgery, pharmacologic risk reduction, risk assessment and genetic predisposition testing. Over the course of 5 years of writing these essays, the author compiled 47 that demonstrate that “Dogma is the enemy of good science.”



1. Is the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Subjective? (Pathology)
2. Nothing Like a False Dichotomy to Promote Truth (Screening)
3. New Evidence Clashes with More New Evidence While Old Wins (Surgery)
4. The Best Way to Screen for Breast Cancer (Screening)
5. Do These Genes Make Me Look Dense? (Breast Density)
6. Have No Fear – George Orwell is Here (Risks)
7. Luddites and Butterflies (Artificial Intelligence)
8. Informed or Misinformed Consent? (Screening)
9. Publish or Perish Has Morphed Into the H-Index (Academics)
10. New ACS Screening Guidelines – Falling Into Line, or Falling For a Line? (Screening)
11. Putting the Elderly Out to Pasture…at age 70! (Screening)
12. Circumstantial Evidence-based Medicine (Academics)
13. Clinical Trials – the Good, the Bad & the Semi-Ugly (Academics)
14. Double Trouble from the Task Force (Screening)
15. Dense Is As Dense Does (Breast Density)
16. Guidelines Morphing Into Canon (Guideline Medicine)
17. The Alchemy of Lumpectomy Margin Guidelines (Surgery)
18. Overestimating Overdiagnosis, Part 1 of 3 (Screening)
19. Overdiagnosis – Shocking Lessons From the Grave, Part 2 of 3 (Screening)
20. The Alchemy of Overdiagnosis, Part 3 of 3 (Screening)
21. Early Is As Early Does (Biology)
22. The Paradox of “Precision Medicine” Applied to Breast Cancer Screening (Screening)
23. Is the Hippocratic Oath Hypocritical? (Screening)
24. Say It Ain’t So, Joe! (Pre-op MRI)
25. Without Criminal Intent (Screening)
26. Farewell Pluto – Farewell LCIS (Pathology)
27. Precision Medicine Plagued by Polysemy (Terminology)
28. A Variety of Variants (Genetic Testing)
29. SNPs Sneak Into Breast Cancer Risk Assessment (Genetic Risk)
30. A Fisher Among Men – Feel the Bern (Tribute)
31. Most Screening MRIs are “Unnecessary According to Guidelines” – or is it Civil Disobedience? (Screening)
32. Mathematical Risk Models – Where Independent Risks Become Dependent (Risk Assessment)
33. The Premature Burial of Breast Cancer Histology (Pathology)
34. Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Doesn’t Make the Grade (Pathology)
35. Lifetime Risks Are Lame – Let Me Count the Ways (Risk Assessment)
36. Like Rats Fleeing a Sinking Hypothesis (Preventive Mastectomy)
37. Blunt Truth or False Hope? (Ethics)
38. Blame It On the Hotel Del (Memoir)
39. Hotel Del – Part 2 (Memoir)
40. Below 40 You’re On Your Own (Screening)
41. Developing a Blood Test for Breast Cancer Screening – It’s Harder Than You’d Think (Screening)
42. It’s Hard to Get Your Gluteus Magnum Opus in Gear Sometimes (Mammography)
43. Variants of Uncertain Significance – RNA to the Rescue (Genetic Testing)
44. How Did Breast Cancer Awareness and Halloween Get Paired in the Same Month? (History)
45. Contralateral Mastectomy – NO! Preventive Mastectomy – YES? (Surgery)
46. Just How Dense Are You? (Breast Density)
47. Burying the Lead With an Axe (or, How I Prevent Breast Cancer with Estrogen) (Hormone Replacement Therapy)